MENS BODY SOAP – 4 Pack Handcrafted Quality – Your Choice of Scents by Man Cave Soapworks by ManCaveSoapworks

21,35 USD

Now you can stock up on your favorite Man Cavern body soaps!

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GATSBY – sophisticated amber, musk, rum & bay leaves
COLT.45 – roasted tea leaves, tobacco overtones, smoky musk & spicy patchouli
COMMANDO – unscented
SEDONA – rich oriental amber & sandalwood
BAY RUM – traditional combo of bay & citrus
MOUNTAIN GUY – exfoliating woodsy mix of basil, juniper, lemon, sandalwood & patchouli
GENTLEMAN’S TWEED – spicy-sweet blend of french verbena and lemon, green florentine iris, sandalwood & ambergris infused with french green clay
T-SHIRT & TIE NOT REQUIRED – earthy combination of oakmoss, hay & patchouli
JAMES MUSK – sultry, attractive manly musk
VETYVER – clean, fresh vetiver, myrrh, yearn and cedarwood
ORANGE COUNTY – A citrus explosion fusing fresh, juicy mandarin pieces and peel with bergamot, spices and exotic fruits
MINTCENTRIC – A straight-up revitalizing mix of peppermint necessary oil, spearmint, ginger, fresh cucumber and cactus.
REDWOOD – woodsy, rich forest

*** Read below to see what organic, all natural components can do for your body.

PURE OLIVE OIL – Softens and soothes skin
ORGANIC PALM OIL – Rich in vitamins A and E, effective antioxidants that hydrate and combat cellular damage
ORGANIC COCONUT OIL – Softens skin, relieves dryness and flaking, and assists avoid creases, sagging skin and agespots
NATURALLY OCCURRING GLYCERIN – This pricey moisturizing component is a natural result of soap making. It assists your skin hold in moisture and is found in every bar of my homemade soap.
ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Moisturizer with antiaging properties assisting to fight fine lines, creases, dry skin and dullness. Vitamins A, D and E nurture and regenerate skin. Protects skin from oxidation and sunrays.
SWEET ALMOND OIL – Great emollient that improves skin tone
ORGANIC HEMP OIL – Contains Omega 6, 3 and 9 which assist our skin hold wetness and preventative in skin maturing
ORGANIC CASTOR OIL – Moisturizer that is antiviral and assists draw lodged contaminants out of the body
ALOE VERA – Boosts the accessibility of oxygen to the skin which assists the strength of the skin tissues and helps in flexibility and flexibility. Exceptional moisturizer.


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