Men's Gladiator Sandals / Chocolate Brown Handmade Sandal Greek Roman Medieval Viking Renaissance LARP Flat Leather Lace Up Shoes Womens by TreadLightGear

< p class=" rate "> 85,00 USD This is the footwear you wish to be using when you discover yourself in an ancient Roman arena with a Lion! Or perhaps even when your just march your front door to deal with the world and all of it'' s scary monsters.

Our Chocolate Brown Gladiator Shoe is developed with three tabs which run in between the leather base and Vibram sole, they then twist around to cradle both sides of each foot. The lace is threaded through the tabs, crisscrossed over the top of the foot and can be tied a number of times around the ankle with a double knot, or laced up your leg and tied. The laces are totally adjustable for a comfortable fit.

The 1/4″Vibram sole is a plastic/rubber mix and among the very best sole options on the marketplace. Vibram is extremely soft and versatile and designed to simulate a barefoot sensation when you stroll. During your first experience with your new Maori shoe the Vibram sole will start to mold to the shape of your foot for a naturally born custom fit.

Click here to add a few leather delegates the laces for $ 25 SIZING AID: If you use a half size such as 8.5, I recommend ordering a size 9 etc. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please understand that your government may charge an

import charge. You might be needed to pay this fee when getting your package from your regional post office. Можно приобрести на Etsy за TreadLightGear