Mexican Spirals

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 2 hrs 25 mins
  • Yield: 5dozen spirals
  • About This Recipe

    “Thought these sounded good, similar to a beef spiral I posted,except these are baked. (from the local newpaper)”


  • 8ouncescream cheese
  • 1cupdiced cooked chicken
  • 1/4 lbmonterey jack cheese, shredded
  • 1/4 cupchopped fresh coriander or 1teaspoondried coriander
  • 2tablespoonsdiced fresh jalapeno peppers or 2tablespoonsdiced canned jalapeno peppers
  • 2teaspoonsground cumin
  • 3 (10inch)flour tortillas
  • vegetable oil
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • Directions

  • In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, chicken, monterey jack, coriander, jalapeno peppers, and cumin.
  • Spread mixture evenly over tortillas.
  • Roll up each tortilla tightly around chicken mixture.
  • Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  • Just before serving, cut each tortilla roll into 1/2 inch slices.
  • Arrange on greased baking sheet, brush with oil, bake in 350 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned.
  • Serve hot with salsa and sour cream.
  • Reviews

  • “Wonderful appetizers. The filling is rich and zesty. I used 1 cup shredded MJ cheese. Very easy to make. I have always served my spirals cold but they were very good baked and served hot. A little crisper texture. I highly recommend this for any party or just as a snack. Thanks Dorothy.”

  • “I made these for a SuperBowl party. After making these, I was going to rate them 4 stars, because I thought they were kind of a pain (cooking and dicing the chicken, and it didn’t spread very easily on the tortillas). But after tasting them and getting everyone else’s response to them, I decided they were worth the work. I didn’t get time to bake them (the oven was full), but will try that next time. I also didn’t add the coriander to the mixture, but cooked the chicken with it. “

  • “I served these for our appetizer supper. They were fabulous. I used dried coriander because my little herb garden is caput right now. The filling was so delicious–spicy and very zesty. I made two batches and froze one because I have a party in a few weeks and I plan on serving them. I also wanted to see how well they freeze and rethaw. We love your recipes, Dorothy and this one is another one of your greats. Thanks.”

  • “DorothyI made the whole recipe and I am going to try freezing the uncut rolls. I only made two changes; I used whole wheat tortillas and instead of sour cream I whipped 2% cottage cheese added a pinch of sugar and followed the recipe as is.Wonderful taste, we really enjoyed them.As usual Dorothy I love your recipe”

  • “I have been making this recipe for years and it is excellent.I cut the rolls and freeze them uncooked which allows me to take out as many as I want.This works very well.”

  • “Had these over the weekend as a ‘dippy’ course.We really liked them. And they look great too.Followed the recipe to a T and will make again. Thanks for posting. =)”

  • “It is the baking, that makes the medely of flavours come to life. I slice mine on an angle this way they are a little larger and for some reason stay together.I also brush them lightly with olive oli jsut before placing themon the tray. Always try to make a few extra rolls and wrap individually and freeze them Fantastic for the unexpected guests or inpromptu invites for dinner or drinks. “Sure, let me bring an appetizer” you look like a star.”

  • “I thought these were just okay, but my husband devoured them so I’m giving 4 stars.I didn’t really enjoy the coriander in it for some reason… and I usually love it.I did use diced green chilis instead of diced jalapeno as my husband asked for a mild dinner and no spices.They were super easy to put together and I used a store bought rotisserie chicken… served with a dollop of sour cream for a finger foods weeknight dinner.”

  • “Great make ahead item.Made these twice recently.First time I substituted pepper jack cheese for the canned chilies and montery jack cheese. The next time I made them with the correct ingredients.My repeat guests preferred the pepper jack cheese spirals.All the hints about spraying with oil,and adding parmesan cheese, are great.They really perk the recipe up.Also, don’t skimp on buying the coriander, you will be making these again. Just make sure you buy a quality tortilla shell.My Christmas Eve batch, were not as good due to a low quality tortilla. “

  • “Great finger food. Make note to self – very similar to 15988.”

  • “I’ve made these several times in last 3 months.They always receive rave reviews.Made them veggie using olives and tri-colored peppers.They were great.YOu can freeze them ahead and use them anytime.”

  • “LOVED these….I thought the recipe made a lot, but not after we started eating them!I began to wonder if I should have doubled it!Very yummy.”

  • “Great recipe.Easy, quick and they disappeared faster than lightning!I added some tobasco for a touch more spice.
    Everyone liked them and I got many requests for the recipe.
    Will definately make again”

  • “These are GREAT appetizers!Just a few minor changes:I used canned white meat chicken, pepperjack cheese and left out the peppers.Sprayed with cooking spray and sprinkled parm cheese on top before baking.Baked on parchment and served with salsa and sour cream.They are always a hit!Thanks for posting!”

  • “These were awesome, my boyfriend and I loved them. We also made these for super bowl night. Also great with pico de gallo!”

  • “Great appetizer.Served with Recipe #78189 and Recipe #245735 for dessert.”

  • “I’ve actually been making this dish for a few years!I got the recipe from my mom who also cut it out of the newspaper lol!I love it and always get rave reviews from my guests and the only thing I do differently is to mix the cream cheese with the cumin and spread that and then sprinkle the other ingredients over the top.It’s easier to get an even mix that way.When I cook them, I do it on parchment lined sheets and they brown beautifully.They freeze wonderfully…just slice and freeze on cookie sheets and then transfer to zip lock bags.Just add a couple of minutes to the cooking time.Super yummy!”

  • “So many of my friends asked for this receipe that anytime there is an appetizer dinner someone makes this.”

  • “very good and something different.I did add a little more cheese and some green onion to it.Its nice to make ahead of time and store in the fridge.So when its time to eat just cut into slices and cook.”

  • “I cooked the chicken with a southwestern style rub which jazzed these up a bit. Everyone really liked these when they were hot, but when they cooled interest in them waned. But it might be a good idea not to put out too many at a time or make half of the recipe. By the way this did not make 5 dozen, more like 30 spirals”