Midcentury Easter Chicks Couple by tinymuses

Midcentury Easter Chicks Couple by tinymuses

5,00 USD

This lovable vintage couple is certainly dressed up and all set for an Easter parade.

The peachy pink woman has a teal collar decorated with tiny lace. The very same small lace decorates her matching hat which also has a white flower on the top. Her long pink tail feather rises and over her bonny hat.

The teal gentleman chick sports a pink felt vest with wee little pockets and a watch fob. He also uses a red bow tie! His pink hat has a teal hatband.

I think the chicks are styrofoam covered with felting. The legs are paper-wrapped wire, not plastic. There is a little bit of aging and fading in locations, however they are still lovely. The top of the stovepipe hat is missing out on. I have actually priced them appropriately.

The man is 4 & quot; & quot; high and the woman is 3.5 & quot; & quot; high.

The chicks will come carefully packaged to show up safely.

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Midcentury Easter Chicks Couple by tinymuses