Mineral Mascara, Black Creamy Cake Mascara, Mineral Makeup, Vegan Mascara, Cake Eyeliner, Para-Ben Free, Mineral Eyeliner, Cat’s Eyes by KeepingItNatural

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Cake mascara is a great product that can be utilized as an eyelash color or an eyeliner.

*** NO PARABEN is utilized ***. 100% natural chemical replaces it.

.25 Oz tin




It goes on smoothly and does not clump or flake. You truly have full control with it as far as just how much volume you have. It keeps your lashes soft and natural looking.

*** To make use of ***: Simply wet your mascara spoolie brush and rub it over your mascara cake. You can include more water to your brush if it appears too dry. Do not put water directly into the tin. Apply a thin coat of mascara and permit it to dry completely prior to you apply another. A 2nd coat will certainly give a fuller, thicker, appearance. Utilize an eyeliner brush and follow the same directions, to line your eyes. ***

The formula is vegan. Soywax is made use of, not beeswax. No fibers are made use of to volumize as they can irritate your eyes. Waterproof solutions can likewise be annoying to your eyes so I do not utilize those chemicals. Creamy cake mascara is long lasting on your lashes and holds up terrific in humidity. It’s terrific for delicate eyes and for those who use contact lenses.

***** The mascara is creamy when I pour it into the container. It will certainly dry down in the tin, get company and really appear like dried mud with fractures in it. This is typical and does not affect the quality or efficiency of the mascara; It is simply what occurs when the moisture evaporates from it. It is packaged in a slide tin container for easy use and features a disposable spoolie brush. This brush can be your mainstay or you can get another style where you find quality brushes and cosmetic devices. *****

Right here are the ingredients: xanthan gum, gum arabic, stearic acid, potassium sorbate, soywax, carnauba wax, glycerin, black oxide, candelilla wax, aloe vera juice, ceteareeth-20, cyclo-dimethicone.

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