Monogrammed Leather Key Fob Keychain Personalized with Letter Initial – choose your colors and letter, made to order by MallyDesigns

15,00 USD We are so thrilled to provide individualized leather accessories for our customers! We think our personalized presents are extra special. We make each of these products one by one as the client requests in the colors and letters of your option. Each leather letter is marked out and used to the item, then sewn by hand. We take care in each item to make sure it is perfect for you. We likewise individually heat stamp/ emboss the back of each keychain with our company logo.

When purchasing this item you will be asked to select the key fob color and your picked letter. For the letters, you will see upper case alternatives A-Z. If you prefer a lower case letter, please let us understand in a message at the time of order, as well as the letter color. If no specifics are given we will presume you desire upper case and we will choose a neutral letter color for you.

< br/ > * for this item, we can often fit 2 letters, depending upon the selected letters. If you are interested in doing this, please send us a message first to see if is possible.
< br/ > * please note, we also provide beige white and black (disappointed in the image)
< br/ > * the letter is readily available in any of the 23 colors as well, although it’s revealed in simply a few

ABOUT OUR KEYCHAINS: -constructed out of remnant leather from Mally Bibs
-100 % leather -handmade in Canada-collaborates with. other Mally devices, such as modification handbags and bookmarks making an ideal little gift set
-leather circle diameter: 2.5 inches or 9cm
– crucial ring size: 1.25 inches or 3cm

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