Mosaic Mirror Sea life with hatching turtles fish and coral by zzbob

269,45 USD

All around the mirror, there is the ocean, complete of coral, sand, pebbles and fish The hatching out turtles are leaving their little island, and following Mommy into the sea.

I took a few pictures without the mirror, due to the fact that the reflection made it almost impossible to obtain a good photo of the surrounding mosaic, considering my modest photography abilities!:-RRB- Plus, it shows that it might be become a photo frame, likewise, since the mirror is removable.

This mirror is a one of a kind, initial design. Each piece was carefully cut, by hand, and laid in its location. I grouted it with silver sanded grout, repainted the back, then sealed all sides with a clear acrylic sealer. 3 sawtooth hangers have been installed, permitting you a variety of hanging alternatives.

The total measurement is 20 inches, in diameter, and the mirror is 12 inches.

The base, is mdf, which is made of 99 % recycled materials, like the bases in our shop. The glass, and other materials are acquired from environmentally responsible sources.

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