Mouthstick Stylus (3 options) by shapedad

36,00 USD Lightweight mouth stick stylus for tablet

and smartphone.< br/ > We provide this product in 3 alternatives:-Routine: 12 & quot; repaired size aluminum stick to
(mini )ergonomic mouthpiece -Pro: Adjustable stainless-steel stick & quot;( 9 & quot;-17 & quot;-RRB- with ergonomic
mouth piece & quot; -Lite: 14 & quot; fixed size aluminum stick to straight tubular mouthpiece The regular can likewise be purchased with a tiny version of the ergonomic mouth piece. This mini mouthpiece is generally targeted at kids (3-12yr old), but works great for adults as well who choose a smaller size mouth piece.

< br/ > If you want full flexibility in terms of mounting options for your mouthstick, examine our Maker Guideline Mouthstick in a separate listing in our shop

Product All alternatives contain three parts:. the mouth piece, the stick and a conductive plug (tip). The Regular and Pro have an ergonomic mouthpiece made from a long lasting food safe plastic (FDA approved) and had a set of silicone caps for a snap fit connection with the stick. The Lite has a tubular mouthpiece made from a long lasting food safe pipe (FDA approved). For the pointer, all alternatives use the exact same conductive plugs based on the conductive fabric stylus sock principle as all our other styli. All parts are likewise sold independently (eg mouthpieces, plugs; see in other places in our shop).

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Stylus Socks All styli and pointers utilize our in-house crafted Stylus Socks concept; a suggestion made from highly conductive fabric that is wrapped around a plug on the stylus stick. Compared to rubber or foam options, they have no drag, there’s no pressure needed and they do not break. Smooth operation is guaranteed on all modern capacitive tablets and mobile phones, like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iOS gadgets from Apple, the Android based Galaxy range from Samsung, the Nexus variety from Google and Asus, the Xperia range from Sony, the Kindle variety from Amazon, and so on

< br/ > A stylus for every requirement< br/ > in an effort to address all unique needs comfort levels when working with capacitive touch screen gadgets, we listen thoroughly to customer requirements and adjust them in our extensive styli portfolio. Do not find a stylus or pointer for your needs? Contact us for a customized option!

Cheers, Group ShapeDad

+ ++Weight specs+++ 1)Regular< br/ > – Fixed size stick (12 & quot;-RRB-: 12 grams/ 0.4 ounce-Mouth piece: 10 grams/ 0.35 ounce

– Conductive plug(suggestion): 1 gram/ 0.035 ounce
< br/ > Overall: 23 grams/ 0.8 ounce
< br/ > 2)Pro< br/ >-Adjustable stick: 20 grams/ 0.7 ounce
– Mouth piece: 10 grams/ & quot;0.35 ounce -Conductive plug( idea): 1 gram/ 0.035 ounce Overall: 31 grams/ 1.1 ounce

-Repaired size stick(
14 & quot;-RRB-: 15 grams/ 0.53 ounce -Mouthpiece: 3 grams/ 0.105 ounce< br/ > -Conductive plug (suggestion): 1 gram/ 0.035 ounce Total: 19 grams/ 0.67 ounce + + + History It all began when the better half of a quad (quadriplegic)patient ordered a regular Stylus Socks stylus from our Etsy shop. She learnt about our conductive socks concept while she was going to a regional Apple store and among the workers began Googling for an appropriate option. Their very first technique was to put the conductive sock around the tip of their existing plastic mouth stick. However as you may know, a capacitive touch screen requires some ground (body) contact to make it work. And with a plastic mouth stick, this suggests that a wire needs to be wrapped around the stick and into the mouth, which is not extremely hassle-free.

< br/ > Then we made a customized option for them based upon 2 techniques. One with a completely conductive aluminum mouth stick acquiring adequate electrical ground by itself, and one that uses the iPad’s body as an electrical ground so you can use it with an existing mouth stick of any material (even plastic). We shipped it and got favorable feedback on both methods. We tweeted about it and got in contact with individuals around the world dealing with ALS or MS and began supporting them. A few weeks later on, several of these plans got delivered to the United States and AUS. And people utilizing a head pointer got set off also, so that’s how we began providing the conductive plugs. Just put these around your head tip’s suggestion and you’re ready to go.

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