Natural Feather Extensions – Bulk Salon Pack – 30 Single Hair Feathers 6-9 & quot; by intrinsicimagination

20,00 USD

I produced this pack with neutral earth tones in mind and used all natural feathers that can be put on in any color hair. With this beauty salon pack you will get 30 loose single feather extensions and 30 micro ring crimp beads. This is a perfect pack for any hairstylist. This is also a fantastic kit for crafting, making earrings, or for the person who prefers to put on multiple feathers throughout their hair. You can install every one individually, or you can incorporate them to make various color combos.

Wash, brush, and design (curl, flat iron, coiffure) the feathers just like you would generally treat your own hair. You will not even discover they’re there until someone stops you and says & quot; & quot; Wow & quot;! And, when you desire a little less attention they are easy to conceal.

Your feather hair extensions will be delivered in a bubble mailer, secured in a long plastic zip-lock bag backed by a card. They will prepare to install and you will receive directions on the best ways to install and remove your extensions. The only thing you will need is a pair of of pliers to crimp the beads onto you or your customers hair, and something to assist you thread the hair into your beads. You can acquire these devices and additional beads in my dispensary if needed …

::: EXTENSION COLORS & LENGTHS CONSISTED OF = Lengths will vary from 6 & quot; & quot;
to 9 & quot; 6 x Grizzly Variant Feathers
6 x Gray Ghost Grizzly Feathers
6 x Strong Sandy Blonde Feathers
6 x Barred Ginger Feathers
6 x Ermine Identified Platinum Blond Feathers

Do not forget to choose the color of beads you desire. You can select 30 of one color, or mix and match. Please leave me a note during or after purchase letting me understand what color (s) you have actually selected. I will go on and select the beads for you if I do not hear from you soon.

Hand-selected with love in Portland, Oregon
~ by Ilya Hobgood

Thanks for viewing!

Notes: I attempt my finest to match feathers as close as possible, but no 2 feathers are exactly alike. This suggests that the feathers on each hair extension will certainly be a little various. I think this simply makes them more special & unique, and ensures that every one is OOAK.
I likewise work with each image to ensure colors are a real representation of exactly what your item will certainly appear like. Colors may still vary somewhat from picture due to various feathers and computer system monitor estimates.

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