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I have included the & quot; & quot; Story of Rodanta & quot; & quot; below the description if you would like to know where all of my critters live.

Meet Peanut Bunner & Jilly Sannich the bunny and mouse class mascots in the 2nd and Third photos. They are the mouse and bunny you would create in this class. I am posting other pictures of dressed mice on this listing simply to show you exactly what is possible after you discover ways to make your own Peanut Bunner and Jilly Sannich!

This is a class I am selling. I am not offering the actual mice, owls, Gnomes, boar, beasts or houses. The pattern for this class is to create a dressed mouse and bunny just as displayed in the 2nd and Third picture.

Kits for this class are readily available likewise and there are NO directions in the kits as they are a companion to this PDF Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class. Examine the left area column in my Etsy store and you will see a kits section. If you do not see the dressed kit it might mean I offered out, however I would have more kits available in a day or 2. I have other kits for my various classes so kindly read thoroughly to be sure you purchase the $ 25.00 dressed mouse and bunny kit.

OOAK Wool Needle Felted Dressed MOUSE & BUNNY Class

By Barby Anderson © 2011

I respectfully ask that you do not duplicate my class in any way as it is fully copyrighted. This is how I make my living and I value you not sharing this class with anybody else.


After buying this needle felting class I will be sending you the class and pattern by means of e-mail in PDF files. The clothing pattern is likewise in a PDF accessory and is the actual size after printing out a copy of the pattern. I do not send this class to your home via physical mail, again I send it to your email address on PDF files.

This class is totally copyrighted, Barby Anderson © 2011. You may produce the mouse and bunny from this class at your leisure as there is no set time to complete your job. As soon as you acquire the PDF files of this class it is yours and you might develop your mouse and bunny whenever you would like. I operate in my studio 6 days a week and enjoy to assist any student with their needle felted mouse or bunny.

I am very thrilled to share my understanding on needle felting through my PDF & quot; & quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot; to assist you develop your own 3-1/ 2 & quot; & quot; needle felted mouse and bunny. Yes, this class teaches you ways to make BOTH the dressed mouse and dressed bunny along with pointers on ways to produce a closed eye animal too! This listing is for my & quot; & quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot; © 2011 sent out to your e-mail address in PDF files and not for the actual wool bunny or mouse that are shown in the pictures, nor the owl or house or any other props. Once again, the pattern for the clothing is in a PDF attachment. The clothing pattern included is similar to the clothing & quot; & quot; Peanut & quot; and & quot; Jilly & quot; are wearing. If you would like a buddy kit with wool supplies it remains in another listing sold independently in my Etsy shop. Please email me through my Etsy store if you have questions.

I do need that anyone that develops and offers a similar mouse or bunny from this class to contribute to their listing or hang tag & quot; & quot; The original pattern was designed by Barby Anderson, copyright 2011. & quot; & quot; Barby Anderson Etsy ID: barby303

I have 132 colored images for you to follow in this PDF class together with my easy-to-read directions under the photos. You might print one copy of this class for your records and it is not to be provided any other person.

& Quot; & Quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot;

& quot; This will be a five-lesson class as revealed listed below:

Lesson # 1- Wrapping and needle felting the body

Lesson # 2- Making the tail for the mouse and producing the head

Lesson # 3- Creating the clothes and faces for the mouse and bunny

Lesson # 4- Completing the face, developing the ears and eyelids plus finishing the inseam to the romper

Lesson # 5- Creating closed eyes, adding the bunny tail and elf hat, plus including a brown overlay for the mouse’s head

A supply list will be included in your very first lesson.

The images of the dressed mouse and bunny in this listing are examples of exactly what you would be learning how to produce. The mouse and bunny you will be creating have black bead eyes, a pink nose and mouth and pinkish flesh ears. The mouse and bunny are needle felted from wool and have wire armatures inside the limbs for posturing, plus a string jointed head for motion. Everyone needle felts a little differently and so each creation by each student will vary. I have consisted of lots of photos of the class mouse and bunny with step-by-step guidelines in the five class lessons. This class was developed for starting needle felters, nevertheless it is challenging enough for the advanced needle felter. The class teaches you the best ways to produce a mouse and bunny with hand sewed clothes. There are a few simple embroidery stitches you might make use of to decorate the clothing and you might look up the standard stitches online. I do not teach the actual embroidery stitches, nevertheless I describe which stitches I carry the clothing and there are many ways to decorate their outfits.

For those who have not needle felted this is a process of jabbing fluffy wool with a barbed needle hundreds of times to shape a shape. Needle felting is essentially shaping and painting with wool! The wool mouse and bunny you will be creating is not intended for children or family pets.

THE STORY OF & quot; & quot;

RODANTA & quot; WELCOME to the magical, wonderful world of & quot; & quot; Rodanta! & quot; As the story goes … there is a village deep in the forest called & quot; & quot; Rodanta. & Quot; An unique and fascinating place. There live the animals of the forest, mostly mice, however many bunnies live there too, plus a few squirrels and other creatures. The town is always supervised by the birds of the sky… such as owls, blue jays, crows and much more. In the town is & quot; & quot; Helen’s Well of Wisdom. & Quot; & Quot; Numerous collect there to consume from that well, as the spirit of an elfin lady that wandered the forest lives there. Any one who needs to be refreshed, and get sage guidance, certainly beverages from & quot; & quot;

Helen’s Well. & Quot; Many Gnomes live near & quot; Rodanta, & quot; and they supervise the village animals also. It is seldom one sees a Gnome though, and if you do, you are blessed with a smile on your face for life! You may see a fox or squirrel with that grin, they need to have given the Gnomes a ride through the forest. When severe threat may go into the forest, which is seldom, the crow gives a caution call that gathers all the grand owls of the forest. They will battle to the death, if need be, to secure & quot; & quot; Rodanta. & Quot; There is & quot; an & quot; Uldra, & quot; a troll of sorts, that resides in the forest too, he can be a bit disconcerting to all, nevertheless he is very harmless.

The Pixie of the forest is a kind little Pixie, nobody really understands if the Pixie is a woman or child, nevertheless the Pixie has the tendency to all of the small birds of the forest, and puts them back up in their nests if they fall out. The Pixie also calls on the forest mice to assist her help an infant deer stand, after the birth. Bats even pertain to the Pixie, if need be, to secure the wee Pixie. They will flash indications up to the sky for aid, and soon the sky is filled with bats who attempt to repel any hazard. If that does not work, the crows come to bombard the intruder with their sharp beaks, and finally the owls, and they always take care of the matter!

You may see a little bearded guy in his red suit flying above on a donkey, ahhhhh yes, keep your eyes open for that fellow! He is very much liked by all.

The forest creatures are really delighted, so they decided making an unique location called & quot; & quot; The Dancing Place. & quot; & quot; A terrific spot to gather, to laugh, and tell stories of their day in the forest. Rapunzel’s home is not far from this place. She has the tendency to the sheep of the forest and spins their great wooly-hair into golden threads. This was produced the cherished King Gnome & quot; & quot; Ollamh’s & quot; finest clothes. The King supervises the forest too, and he carries many unique powers.

There is a garden in the forest town too! Everyone tends to the garden and consumes from the garden. Florence Bunningtale is the bunny who chooses the veggies and turns them into recovery soups and stews. Her Grandfather & quot; & quot; Sir Vancelot & quot; handed down his knowledge to his granddaughter Florence, however, he still looks after numerous who might have a little bit of a pains or pain.

Neighboring is a walking path, with a bridge over & quot; & quot; Barby’s Creek. & quot; Waterfalls constantly provide a musical and delighted sound. The creatures of the forest love walking near water, and it all originates from & quot; & quot; Finnian’s Spring, & quot; & quot; an endless supply of fresh cool water.

Cascading around the village is the wonderful caterpillar tree, and a lot of the very young creatures play conceal and look for because tree. There is always a nose here or there peeking from the caterpillar tree. Nearby is a magical flower garden and any individual who chooses a flower from that garden will laugh with glee, and pass the flower on to another … to continue the delight!

The hollow tree, so warm and inviting, where forest animals can sleep, or just peek through the holes to see the other forest animals play. When wishing to explore or just leave the rain, Manderson’s Cave is just the place! One can just wish to see this great forest, and the small town… ahhhh yes, & quot; & quot; Rodanta & quot;… a magical, magical… delighted location!
Copyright Barby Anderson 2015

Helen Visser Priem made the extraordinary owls, boar, Uldra Troll, crow and numerous other companions for my critters, sweetpoppycat makes the sweatshirt beasts, cats and pugs for my critters, twolefthands made the beloved houses, SharLappage makes the cakes for my animals, MaidofClay made the bunny vase, pinkpeppercorns makes the charming hand colored ribbons for my critters, buttonsbyrobin makes terrific mini buttons for the pockets, dreamalittle7 makes the wee bird buddies that my critters keep in their arms and woollyduck made the small wool caramel candy.

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