NEW SUPER STURDY Luggage Tag Deep Blue Ocean Original Design by FunnyLuggageTags

3,50 USD

NEW!!! 16mm vinyl SUPER STURDY CUSTOM-MADE tags !!! The pouches were made particularly for my business, so there is NO equivalent of them on the marketplace. Look into my comparison chart that reveals routine and most common 12mm tags vs. mine and make your option:–RRB- 12 needs to

1. They are made out of 16mm vinyl that is SUPER STURDY!
2. They were custom-designed for my company
3. Nobody else offers laminated photos inside the pouches. They make the tags even more long lasting.
4. No one else offers double-sided address cards
5. These tags have easiliy detachable address cards instead of one solid piece of plastic that you have to eliminate over and over again. Why would you desire a completely laminated tag with simply your house address on it? Do not you travel to more locations than simply home? 6:–RRB-. They have an extremely sturdy vinyl loop instead of bow or twine. It will certainly not unrevel or come reversed!
7. They are versatile yet long lasting. You do not desire a chunky unattractive piece of plastic on your luggage.
8. They are affordable plus I offer discounts on orders over 10
9:–RRB-. You do not require to take them off your luggage to rotate your address card
10. They are perfectly sized: a 2 1/2 & quot; x 4 1/8 & quot;
11. They are unique and original. I do not use scrapbook paper for my images. They were developed either by me or for me, and no one else!
12. They are simply WONDERFUL!

*** Special product packaging is readily available upon demand. I supply it on all bridal showers and weddings orders by default. ***

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