Nov 1928 Aero Digest: The Magazine of the Air. Graf Zeppelin Airship Issue. Aviation History. Great Ads. by decotini

19,00 USD

Nov 1928 Aero Digest: The Magazine of the Air. Graf Zeppelin Issue.

Has pages # 865-1048
This is the November issue, so January would have page 1, and each next month would pick up the previous page number through that year.

In Oct of 1928, the Graf Zeppelin dirigible airship made its historic journey from Germany to Lakehurst, NJ. It carried a crew of 40 and 20 passengers (I like that ratio).

You can read all about it in this Nov 1928 magazine.
12 & quot; by 9 & quot;
about 180 pages
Front cover is ripped, chipped and torn; and the first few pages are totally detached from the magazine.
The back cover is missing – long gone.
The whole magazine, including the ads are in black and white, no color (one or two pages have some red, but for the most part, it’s in black and white).
The paper is a little brittle along the edges. Many of the pages are dog-eared and ripped around the edges. There are a few tears here and there. But overall, there are a lot of good, reusable graphic treasures to be had.
It is nice and dry, no mold or foxing – that is the good news. Normal mellow / yellowing of pages due to age.
Many of the pages would be great for framing / reuse in graphic projects.

An unusual magazine. There are some early issues out there, however I did not come across another copy of this exact issue from 11/28.

There are other stories, including one about Admiral Byrd.
The old deco ads are wonderful, many suitable for framing.

If you are an aviation collector, or have an interest in early flight, you would enjoy this very much, in spite of its condition.

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