Ocean Jasper Cabochon ETOJ464 by EnterTheEarth

38,00 USD

This lovely Ocean Jasper Cab has green flowers surrounding the two huge orbs! You can also see the flower pattern lining the cluster of smaller sized orbs on the side.


Approx.39 mm x 30mm x 8mm

Like a lot of Ocean Jasper, this piece has some natural fractures.

About Ocean Jasper … Found in October of 1999, this new rock was discovered along the northwest coast of Madagascar after years of not successful searching. The deposit formed similar to a rhyolite flow however has actually been entirely silicified. The rhyolitic spheres or orbs come in an impressive variety of colors and color mixes. The background can be white, pink, green, red or yellow. Botryoidal formations, as well as white and deep green druzy, are also typical. The deposit, being situated at the edge of the ocean, can only be seen and gathered from at low tide. This remote location has no roadways so the product must be carried to civilization by boat.

Ocean Jasper is utilized for satisfaction of life, release of negativity and anxiety, relaxation, favorable self-expression, physical and emotional recovery.

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