Oh, Grow Up 8×10 surreal whimsical elephant print by Bryan Collins by bryancollins

8,00 USD

& quot; & quot;
Oh, Grow Up & quot; Bryan Collins (2008)

This piece sells a sardonic title and is indicated to encourage individuals to do the opposite of its name. We grow up too quickly, and often encourage our kids to do the very same. Leaving your child-like fascination with the world and your marvel of creativity is the root of a stifled, mundane life.

The Sand Dolls riding the elephant and pulling the wagon are in search of the kid, now grown adult, who left them behind. You can see his/ her footprints in the sand. They journey by candlelight through the night and hope it’s not far too late to capture up with the one who requires them now.

This is a glossy print of the initial chalk pastel work, & quot; & quot; Oh, Mature & quot;. This print ships flat in a polypropylene sleeve and braced with foam board to arrive safely.

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