ON SALE – Orange Matryoshka Mini Wallet – We got other colors / sizes by whodinihandmade

8,00 USD Russian Nesting Dolls aka Matryoshka’s are really neat. As neat as they are though I had to make them more Whodini design and take them to the next level of radness, one e-mail later on I had my best man Alex Lopez from One Wing Monkey created what you see in front of you. I was visualizing a bearded heshian guy, an old woman, a snot nosed bratty kid and whatever else you believe would be amusing. As you can see Alex nailed it dead on the mark, I LIKE THESE NEW WALLETS

Details:! Intense Orange vinyl with hand screen print
Within is hand printed too
Enough area to bring all your cards and a few dollars too
velcro closure (if you choose no velcro please leave a message)
Yellow Industrial stitching

< br/ > Simple and incredible, terrific for the minimal wallet user and useful for the nights out on the town where you simply need the bare fundamentals.

Thanks for looking!

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