One miniature fantasy Owl by bluebonnetladies

2,00 USD

This college of OWLs requires nesting locations. Listing is for ONE owl, your choice.

Did you know a flock or gathering of owls is called a & quot; & quot; college & quot;? Enjoyable, huh?

These are mainly fantasy owls, fairly suitable for a castle or a magic scene, possibly as a wizard’s animal or in a haunted house or maybe a gothic scene!

Sizes vary from the little white owl at 3/4 inch tall to the tall yellow one at 1 3/4 inchs.

Please specify first and 2nd options in the remarks to seller area sometimes of check out.

Colors: 1 White, 1 yellow (more like a Dr.Suess bird I believe), 3 brown, 1 light gray/ blue, 1 pink, 2 darker blue

These are all OOAK handmade of polymer clay with just a little paint on various ones for improvement of feathers or eyes, etc. No molds were made use of (ever!)

can purchase on Etsy for bluebonnetladies