OOAK Gunnagitchee Ghoulie Trollfling Troll Mini & quot; Festerus & quot; by Amber Matthies by Trollflings

40,00 USD


Sounds like the call of a Gunnagitchee!
What is that you may ask??

A nasty little green ghoulie that slips around taking unclean socks and making nasty faces behind your back.

So small and meaningful, as & quot; & quot; nasty & quot; as they appear to be deep down they are much like any individual else in this world, they just want to be liked.


One inch high from his bottom to his ear and the mini pumpkin is included! Festerus is so really tiny, an original Trollfling giant mini!

Thank you so much for stopping in! BOO!

The Gunnagitchee Ghoulies by
Amber Matthies

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