Orb Marimo Moss Ball Mini Ecosphere Terrarium Necklace by MyZen

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Live Marimo Moss Ball Orb Mini Ecosphere Locket Terrarium Fashion jewelry
A Zen Animal To Go
This tiny round glass globe bottle with cork procedures only 1 1/2 & quot; tall 1 & quot; & quot; diameter and holds one precious nano Marimo moss round approximately a 1/4 & quot; & quot; tall. It floats about accompanied by teeny iridescent shells moonstone and a sprig of sea fan. The divine & quot; & quot; orbness & quot; makes an ideal tiny house for the Marimo animal and you can keep it near to your heart with this unique necklace.
Select your cord material and color: See Photo 4

1) PVC Rubber Cord is 18 & quot; & quot; long with lobster clasp and & quot; 2 & quot; chain extension: Colors readily available are: Black

2) Organza Silk Ribbon is 18 & quot; & quot; long with lobster clasp and 2 & quot; & quot; chain extension:
Colors Available are: Black, Lavender, Deep Purple

3) Hemp is 24 & quot; & quot; length for tying without any clasps
Colors Available are: Black, Natural

About Marimo Balls:
These wonderful little spheres of algae likewise called Cladophora stem in Lake Akan Japan. They are revered and adopted as & quot; & quot; pets & quot; in Japanese houses and offices and are believed to bring excellent luck. Marimo name is obtained from Mari indicating & quot; & quot; bouncy play ball & quot; & quot; and & quot; & quot; mo & quot; implying underwater plant in Japanese. They require hardly any care, simply place in indirect light, and change the water out every 2 weeks. They delight in being carefully scuttled as they would by the lake currents, this keeps them green on all sides and healthy.
Learn more at Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marimo

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You will certainly get:
One Blown Glass Orb Bottle Locket
One Marimo Moss Sphere
Tiny shells and sea fan
History and Care Directions for your Marimo Pet
Simply include water (on invoice) and love.
** Please Note: These little glass orbs are extremely vulnerable. Please put on/ manage with care.

The Marimo Sphere is delivered with a tiny bit of water that will certainly keep sufficient moisture for the journey. They can deal with being out of the water for approximately 3 weeks. All the products are covered safely and safely.

International: Some nations prohibit delivery of Live Plants. Examine usps.com or convo me if you require to understand if we can deliver to your nation.

Yes, we should happily deliver to Canada!

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