Organic Clothing – Add 3/4 or Long Sleeves to any Cotton Garment by woolenmoss

10,00 USD

Organic Clothes – Include 3/4 or Long Sleeves to Organic Cotton Garment

Any natural cotton listing shown with sleeveless, cap sleeves, or brief sleeves can be changed to 3/4 or long sleeves by purchasing this listing. A conventional length will be sent unless otherwise defined. Thanks!CARE: WOOL is

naturally dirt and smell resistant, so a spot clean and airing out is typically all that is required. If cleaning is wanted however, all wool garments ought to be stayed out of a top loading cleaning device. Hand cleaning is recommended. Lay flat to dry.As for COTTON and BAMBOO, moderate shrinking in length will take place with the very first cleaning then it stays stable after that.ALL garments last longer when stayed out of a dryer, so topple dry on low
only when necessary. Можно приобрести на Etsy за woolenmoss