Origami Lucky Star Strips – Midnight Sky Pack of 25 by CelticKnot

2,00 USD

Origami fortunate stars, also referred to as wishing stars or dream stars, make a terrific present and an unique means to reveal that you thank your fortunate stars for the recipient, or to encourage them to grab the stars.

This Midnight Sky origami fortunate STARter pack consists of 25 hand-cut strips that are 8.5 & quot; & quot; long and about 3/8 & quot; & quot; wide. Completed stars are roughly a 5/8 & quot; & quot; wide and 5/16 & quot; thick. The paper is dark blue covered with small white stars.

The 25 strip bundle is wrapped in two strip bands and is very carefully sealed to make sure that they arrive securely at your door. Origami instructions are consisted of.

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