Original Oil Painting dahlias Home and Living Home decor wall decor by IronsideImpastos

30,00 USD

Original Oil Painting Tone of deep Red Dahlias
Impasto Method 6×6 extremely wide edge canvas

The dahlia come from in Mexico, where a group of Spanish travelers discovered it in the 16th century. The common name “dahlia” originates from the surname of the Swedish botanist, Andreas/ Anders Dahl (1751 to 1789). In 1789, the Spanish botanist, Abbe Cavanilles, who became director of the Royal Gardens in Madrid,

Why purchase a giclee or print when you can have an initial impasto oil on canvas?

What is impasto? Impasto is a term used to describe thickly layered paint that is three-dimensional in appearance. You might practically say impasto is sculpture on a canvas.

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original signed oil on canvas paintings

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