Outlander Jewelry Scottish Thistle Silver Cuff Bracelet by Serrelynda

86,00 USD

This outlander jewelry Scottish thistle silver cuff bracelet is crafted from a silver plated brass marking and has actually a silver plated brass Scottish thistle bolted firmly in the center. No glue. This piece is splendid.

Double silver plated brass chains keep this piece firmly in place, and silver plated brass fold over clasps offer this piece a true customized fit. No flopping or twisting.

This piece is 2 3/4 & quot; wide, and curves around to fit a 6.5 & quot; & quot; wrist to a 7.5 & quot; wrist. If you need it to be a various size, I can customize it for you, please let me understand. It is signed on the back with my trademark brass logo design.

The silver material in the plating bath is among the highest in the trade, and is made by the finest costume fashion jewelry plater in the US, according to stringent industry requirements. Nickel Free.

The thistle legend
However why is it that such a proud individuals as the Scots should select a simple weed as its nationwide symbol? In truth, no-one understands. There is a legend which relates how a sleeping party of Scots warriors were virtually set upon by an attacking band of Vikings and were only conserved when one of the assailants trod on a wild thistle with his bare feet. His weeps raised the alarm and the roused Scots duly beat the Danes. In gratitude, the plant ended up being called the Guardian Thistle and was adopted as the sign of Scotland.

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