Passport and Ticket Holder PDF SEWING PATTERN by PoxCouture

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This pattern makes an excellent gift for a family member or friend. This is a terrific way to be organized when taking a trip. No more digging around for your ID, ticket or ticket. Have everything you have to board a flight at your finger suggestions.

If your not planning a trip, however you desire to start sewing, this is a terrific starter task. Takes about an hour or 2, depending on your experience. The PDF has step-by-step detailed instructions, which likewise consists of an area on making your very own Predisposition Tape.

This PDF has clear text descriptions and illustrations on page 2 & 3, pages 4-8 are the pattern pieces, page 9 are the transfer icons (to be printed on transfer paper) and page 10-11 are the full colored images taking you detailed. This PDF will certainly save you ink, because you do not need to print all the colored images to follow along.

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Approximate Measurements: 4.5 & quot; & quot; w

x 8.5 & quot; h Products & Tools you will certainly need to complete this job:
– Self Material: 9 & quot; & quot;
x 20 & quot; – Lining Fabric: 9 & quot; & quot; 27 & quot;(Includes predisposition tape)
– Prejudice Tape: 1 backyard (single fold 1/2 & quot;&
quot;-RRB- – Clear Vinyl: 9 & quot; & quot;
5 & quot; – Fusible Interfacing: 9 & quot; & quot;
x 32 & quot; – 2x -1/2 & quot; Magnets – OR -5/8 & quot; x 5/8 & quot
; Velcro – Avery Stretchable material transfers for Inkjet Printers 3302 (8.5 & quot; & quot; x
11 & quot;-RRB- – Tools: Sewing Device, Thread, Iron, Ironing Board, Scissors, Tape, Predisposition Tape Maker 1/2 & quot;

& quot;==================================== ============
Sewing curved seams, leading stitching, applying fusible interfacing, making/ applying predisposition tape.

✤ This is a great project for somebody who has actually stitched from a pattern before or is new to sewing.
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Exactly what you MUST understand prior to buying this product:
– Patterns will arrive through email, NOT through mail.

– Pattern assembly is required for all patterns
(This suggests that the patterns are in pieces, so that one can print them out on United States Letter size paper (8.5 & quot; & quot; x11 & quot;-RRB-. No scaling or cropping needed. Instructions for cutting and assembling patterns are included.)

– Seam allowance has been included for you.

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This pattern is for personal use ONLY. The images, layout, design and other elements of this pattern are copyright © PoxCouture 2011. No part of this design or pattern might be reproduced in any type.
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