PDF Pineapple Centerpiece Doily Crochet Pattern, c. 1944 by VintagePatternPlace

2,99 USD< p class="description" & quot; > This crochet pattern originates from & quot;
Old and New Favorites: Doilies & quot;< br/ >. Published by J. & P. Coats, copyright 1944

< br/ > This crochet pattern includes directions for the lovely pineapple centerpiece doily revealed. The finished piece procedures approximately 10 x 14 inches.

The pattern will be delivered to you in your option of formats- emailed as a.pdf file, printed (on plain printer paper) and mailed, or burned to a CD and mailed. Free shipping on all mailed items

Tools and Supplies Advised:
< br/ > 1 No 8 or 9 Crochet Hook
Size 20 crochet thread;. white or ecru

As always, let me know if you have any questions. Complete satisfaction is ensured, and I will have the pattern mailed or emailed within 24 hours.

This pattern remains in the general public domain, so please do not hesitate to sell anything you make from the pattern.

< br/ > This pattern is a reproduction of an original J & P Coats design. I scan in all of the photos from the original pattern book, and after that construct a.pdf document by placing the initial pictures then retyping the pattern. This permits me making a clearer, easier to check out product for my consumers. I simply hate patterns where the typeface is small and scrunched together, where I lose my location and have to squint to check out. You will not find that here! My.pdf files are made with big, simple typefaces that are still visually pleasing to take a look at however will not offer you a headache!

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