Peppermint Candy Cane Bark

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Serves: 6,Yield: 1cookie sheet
  • About This Recipe

    “Every Christmas my friends and family look forward to this in the cookie tins I make for all of them. They get very upset when I do not make this. It is so easy to make. However, you will want to give them away as soon as possible because they are very addicting.”


  • 2lbswhite chocolate( preferably Guittard brand white chocolate chips- they seem to melt smoother)
  • 12candy canes, crushed into 1/4 inch pieces
  • 1teaspoonpeppermint extract( 1/2 tsp. if using oil)
  • Directions

  • Melt white chocolate either in a double boiler or in a bowl over a pot of boiling water.
  • Stir in crushed candy cane and peppermint flavoring into melted white chocolate.
  • Line a 11×17″ baking pan with wax paper.
  • Pour and spread chocolate mixture onto wax paper.
  • Chill until firm and break into pieces.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  • Reviews

  • “I used 1 lb regular choc. chips and 1 lb white, and mixed half the extract with each (actually, I forgot to mix the extract in the white, but you can’t tell.)I layered the chocolate on the bottom and then mixed the candy cames with the white and layered on top.I reserved some candy canes to decorate the top. UPDATE- Made this again this year using Wilton’s white chocolate and dark chocolate candy melts.I first did it with regular chips, but the white and the dark layers separated when I broke them apart and the dark layer got all cloudy. The Wilton is expensive, but it’s beautiful (see photo!)I now reserve almost the entire amount of candy canes for the top; what I did this time is put them through a mesh strainer so all the really tiny pieces came out. I mixed the really tiny pieces in with the chocolate and scattered the rest on top.”

  • “Made this last night to put in small packages for my neighbors for a holiday gift.It turned out wonderful.I used the “Guittard” chips as recommended (they were on sale!!) and they melted really well.I think that next time I will reserve some of the crushed candy canes for the end and sprinkle them over the spreaded chocolate to make them a bit more noticeable.Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

  • “These were phenomenal! I included them in my Christmas cookie packages last Christmas and all my friends and family loved them (my professors even asked for the recipe for this one!!!!) These are also really easy to make, and I just used the generic white chocolate chips and didn’t have any problems with them melting smoothly. They also keep well!!! Try it!!”

  • “Just made this for my Christmas gift baskets and it’s fabulous.We could tell it was fabulous even when we pouring it onto the aluminum foil — my husband was sneaking tastes and thought it was great.I think I pulverized the candy canes a bit too much — next time I make it, I’ll leave more smallish pieces for a little more “crunch.””

  • “Excellent!I like to make mine with a layer of bittersweet or dark chocolate on the bottom.Just let the brown chocolate cool in the fridge while you’re melting the white chocolate and layer that on top.”

  • “These were very good!I made with a chocolate layer on the bottom and sprinkled some good-sized candy cane chunks on top.Two tips:Don’t use Nestle’s white chocolate chips, they wanted to disintegrate into powder instead.I added a little heavy cream and that pulled it together.(2) Don’t serve on a freshly washed and dried platter.This should have been obvious to me, but since the platter was still warm, the bottoms melted!”

  • “Every store I went to last night was out of Ghiradelli’s peppermint bark, which my husband asked for specifically.So, I picked up a bar of fine white chocolate and a box of candy canes, to make my own!I did scale this way down, and I added a layer of melted bittersweet chocolate (with peppermint extract added) to add to the experience. Raves all around.I’ll come back to this again and again!”

  • “I made this for my daughter’s birthday treat for her class….this is so unbelievably easy and so unbelievably good!I like using the candy canes with the green and red stripes to make them even more festive!”

  • “I made this to put on the Christmas cookie trays and stored it in a ziplock in the fridge. My family apparently loves it and I’ll have to make another batch for the trays. I used one bag of semi-sweet chips and one bag of white chips. Added 3/4 tsp peppermint extract to the white and none to the cocolate. Layered chocolate on bottom and white on top and sprinkled about 6 crushed candycanes over the white. It was delicious and gorgeous. Wasn’t overly pepperminty but was enough to taste. I’m not a big fan of peppermint but this was great!”

  • “Yum yum yum!One of my friends gave this out for Christmas gifts and it’s great.I love the flavor of the peppermint with the white chocolate (as oppossed to the regular chocolate it is often paired with) and the crunch.Also, if you buy discounted candycanes after christmas this is still great to have around.”

  • “I made this for our children’s teachers this past Christmas and it was a wonderful gift…I attached the recipe to each and I heardnothing but rave reviews…My oldest daughters class did a bake sale for fundraising purposes and I made some up for the sale and the class was sold out within the first hour of their sale…I also used white chocolate chips and they were a great hit…”

  • “5 stars for ease, 4 stars for taste.Such a simple treat to make.Perfect way to use up the extra candy canes and make a tasty addition to the Christmas goodies we give to friends.Merry Christmas!”

  • “This is wonderful and so festive looking.I’ve made it using finely crushed lemon drops and that was also wonderful.”

  • “Easy and delicious!Made exactly as directed, with my 4-year-old helping.We were very pleased with how they turned out.Thank you!”

  • “I used white peppermint bark (2#) with only 1/2 tsp. of pure peppermint essential oil. I was hesitant to use more, because it’s pretty strong stuff. It was plenty. The chocolate hasn’t cooled yet, but the melted tastes great! I’ll be making this for Christmas gifts this year. (2010)
    I made this again for Christmas 2011. One change, though. I decided to try only 1/4 tsp. of the peppermint oil.The taste was fine – I think I’ll stick with that from now on.”

  • “I make this every year. Thanks for supplying this recipe that I’ve been using the past few years. Love it!”

  • “Oh what a lovely treat.We included these in our 2010 holiday trays.This is such an easy recipe to make but tastes like it took much more work.These added such a festive look to our trays, thank you so much for sharing this with us.”

  • “The Best Peppermint Bark by far! I put a layer of melted semisweet chocolate and then added the white chocolate. VERY TASTY!”

  • “I completely agree with previous posters… this was super easy and delicious at the same time!The most time consuming part is unwrapping the candy canes, which is nothing to complain about!Too bad I didn’t find this recipe before Christmas, but I will definitely be using it next year!”

  • “I also used regular white chocolate chips and it turned out delicious. For a decorative touch, I reserved one candy cane, broke it into very tiny pieces and sprinkled it over the top once the entire mixture had been poured into the cookie sheet. I might add those red crystal sprinkles on top next time too. I don’t think it’ll ever be Christmas again without Peppermint Candy Cane Bark! :)”