Pete and Velveeta the Needle Felted Bunny Couple by DraigAthar

< p class=" rate "> 299,00 USD Straying from the warren can be difficulty. It might imply being seen by a hawk, heard by an owl, or smelled out by a fox. Pete browsed him. He saw his bros and sis happy to invest their days painting eggs and chomping dandelions. He was paas-ative that if he remained he would just be another cottontail, hopping down the bunny path. “That is not me,” he stated as he hopped over the grassy knoll. He could see the meadow and hear the din of the brook. “I’m my own bunny.”

< br/ > Soon he was hanging out in the sticker label bushes with the other loners. Nowheresville. His ears started to sag. “This can not be all there is.” He traded some egg work for the Chuck Taylor’s and was on his method house from work one day when he saw her. Velveeta was chomping wild strawberries when Pete stumbled out of the bushes, wiggled his nose then corrected himself. He tripped over every word. He tried showing off his brand-new tattoo. She was not looking. She was responding to an email. Besides, she had a tattoo of her own.

< br/ > Pete and Velveeta are a distinctive bunny couple. Needle felted solidly from wool and adorned with numerous metal jewelry, they stand (jump?) About 10 inches tall. They come as a set, the ruffian and the emo gal, and would enjoy to be an unconventional part of your bunny collection.

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