Plus Size (or any size) Vintage 1949 Dress Sewing Pattern – PDF – Pattern No 15 Naomi by EmbonpointVintage

11,73 AUD Pattern 15 Naomi: A 1949 sleeveless, strapless dress with a with a fitted bodice and a complete skirt.

< br/ >< br/ > I discovered another stunning, out of print, out of copyright vintage pattern book – this time from 1949. It’s just too gorgeous not to share, so I have actually produced these patterns for sale. I have actually made some changes for clarity and sizing, creating an initial work of my creation.

< br/ > This is not just a pattern, it’s a preparing system, so when you own this, you can draft yourself a pattern IN ANY SIZE (from a 20 inch bust to a 69 inch bust). Whether you desire this garment for a doll or a plus-sized individual you will have the ability to make this fit completely

Exactly what’s consisted of: * The template for the garment pictured above * the miniature pattern pieces and the ruler you’ll have to prepare up the complete sized pattern
< br/ > * Detailed directions on the best ways to turn the design template into a completely sized pattern
< br/ > * directions on how to make specific adjustments making sure this fits perfect.

These patterns were developed for homemakers to utilize, not expert seamstresses, as such they do not assume a great deal of specialist understanding. The patterns are kept as easy as possible, and just assume a general knowledge of how garments go together. That stated, the & quot; & quot; general knowledge & quot; & quot; that a vintage housewife had about sewing is most likely much greater than the average today!:-RRB-
If you can look at a pattern and determine exactly what the different pieces are (inform the front of a blouse from a sleeve, for instance), and if you can draft yourself a waistband or cuff (. sometimes these very basic pieces are not consisted of) you need to have no problem with these

< br/ > They do not come with a & quot; & quot; stitch piece A & quot; to piece B & quot; set of directions due to the fact that the pieces themselves are so easy it is very obvious how they fit.

The preparing system is so basic a child might do it. There’s no complex mathematics, it is actually & quot; & quot; Sign up with the Dots & quot;. The patterns are completely scaleable, and can accommodate from a 20 inch bust up to a 69 inch bust – so you can purchase from the adults’ sections for dolls or kids and vice versa. If these sizes do not accommodate your requirements, please message me.

Just like patterns from & quot; The Big Four & quot; & quot;(Or anywhere else) some people will discover that these fit beautifully immediately and some individuals will need to do some modifications. Details on some helpful/ typical adjustments is included in your purchase.

This pattern & quot; is an & quot; Instant Download & quot; pattern. You will get a link to download the PDF (s) quickly as quickly as your payment is verified – so there are no shipping charges or hold-up, no matter where you are in the world. You can print it out on regular paper in your home on your printer.

Please make certain to read my store policies prior to acquiring, as they include crucial information about these patterns and whether or not they may be appropriate for you.

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