Polka-Dot Puppy with Tiny Tutu Matching Larger Tutu by TuTees

36,00 USD

Fun for the puppy-loving ballerina! Original Tutu Puppy design for your little lady!

Applique is merged onto a knit t-shirt then safely stitched on. Soft tulle tutu is sewn onto the bottom of the shirt, on the outdoors so there’s no itchiness. T-shirts come in white, pink, and raspberry. The puppy can be in the material revealed or any of the others on our swatches. We’ll match the tutu to the young puppy. Endless color, material, and t-shirt mixes!

All tutees are device washable in cold water. Put tutee in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the wrinkles out. Ensure there is no velcro in with the tutu! Scalloped-edge t-shirts come in size 2, 4, 5/6 and women small and medium. Shirts run a little small so buy a size bigger. Bodysuits came in pink and white, in newborn, 6m, 12m, and 18m sizes.

T-shirts for the tutees (implied to fit near the body):
size 2: 17 & quot; & quot; around the chest (11 & quot; & quot
; long) (These shirts do not come in size 3.)
size 4: 21 & quot; & quot; (13 & quot
; long )size 5/6: 22 & quot; & quot; (14.5 & quot
; long) women’ little: 22-23 & quot; (16 & quot; & quot
; long) girls’ medium & quot; & quot; 25 & quot; (19 & quot; long)

Price listed is for a long-sleeved attire. Short sleeves are $ 2 less. We can add slim bow to two layers of the tutu for $ 3 more.

Initial Tutees design, kindly do not repeat. Thank you!

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