Priday Plume Agate Cabochon Multi-Colored Gem Polished by etil

30,00 USD Stunning Rare Gem Refined Priday Plume Agate Cabochon.


This beautiful expertly polished gem agate cabochon is from the center of a Priday Thunderegg from Madras Oregon.

This translucent cab has charming coral plumes in a beautiful composition. The supply has actually long been exhausted. This is a very unusual and lovely piece crafted in the 1960’s and has been part of a collection for over 50 years.

Flat backside has template marks as seen in images.

Sleek on both sides
Shipping Weight -1 pound
Product Weight 2.8 Grams
Product Dimensions 24.5 by 18 by 5 mm

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