quartz Point and Rutilated Prehnite talisman necklace by jammerdesignz

18,33 USD

Quartz Crystal is the most typical stone on our earth, it’s energies are universal. It absorbs, directs and amplifies energies. Paired with Rutilated Prehnite it amplifies the energies of meditation, inner understanding and defense. Making this a wonderful talisman!

I protected the crystals classic rectangular setting.

Perfect to spruce up any outfit and bring your preferred talisman with you.

Sure to be a conversation starter!

The chain determines 17 & quot; & quot; long.

Side notes:
I personally believe in the energies of crystals. I can hold a stone and feel it’s special vibration. Closing my eyes and enabling my mind’s eye to get in touch with the messages each needs to offer. This did not happen over night for me. It’s been rather the trip. I care about the power of focused intent and manifesting that which I choose to experience in this life. I see it since I believe it … Crystals alone will not cure ailments either physical or thought of. A healthy lifestyle and favorable mental attitude will definitely help point you in the right instructions.

Thank you so much for looking, with love and light I trust you will love this piece.

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