Rainbow Disco Dust / Glitter by ChristyMaries83

6,95 USD This is our most popular color of our disco cleans! It is iridescent and looks excellent on every color! Include some sparkle to your sweet treats with Disco Dust! Simply include a light dusting of this extra fine glitter to bring lots of shimmer to your deals with or creations! Disco dust is terrific to spray dry or contribute to icing or fondant while damp. These lovely and stunning colors will improve any and all of your concepts! Classified as “”non-toxic for decor just””. Lovely for unique effects on cakes! Don'' t forget to get a dust shaker for simple application! Simply gather and shake on! Net Wt. 5 grams Non-Toxic; For Decor Only.

Include a little sparkle and bling to your display screen pieces! Disco dust is not a food and is not planned for usage. This is non-toxic and for ornamental use only on objects that will not be eaten. 1/4 oz jar

An extra fine shine with great deals of sparkle
Developed for the cake designing and craft industry
Disco Dusts include just active ingredients that are NON-TOXIC.
These dusts are not a food and should not be considered as such. Classified as “”non-toxic “”, they may be finest fit to decorate items that can easily be gotten rid of from the cake.

Disco dust is non-toxic, and while it is authorized by the FDA as non-toxic, it is NOT thought about a foodstuff since there is no dietary value, nor is it soaked up into the system. With it having no dietary value, it CAN NOT be called edible – as is the case with dragees in addition to all of the appeal and pearl dusts. Any product being identified For Decorative Usage is at the decorators discretion whether they opted to utilize it directly on their items.

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