Rarest of the rare..a Craftsman era brass pendant in the Japonaise style .. by TheRiverdreamer

8,00 USD

Morris, Stickley, Mackintosh. they all enjoyed ancient Japanese design. & Quot; & Quot; Japonaise & quot; design is a trademark of the Arts and Crafts designers.

I carefully gathered these stampings over 20 years of nabbing and hoarding-lol. I have a small handful to provide now, and they are RARE.

55mm wide, 48mm tall at center. The patinas are all similar, in case you need more than one. The corners have been drilled and ringed for the addition of your chaining assembly.

I can not stress how rare this stamping is-I have actually never ever dealt with a seller who had more than a couple, and it’s taken me many years to build up enough so that offer just a couple of.

These are UNITED STATE made, stamped here in Massachusetts in the 1920s.

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