Raven artwork, Raven, crow, ANGRY BIRDS-, Etching, 7 inch x 10 inch 2012 by RAVENSTAMPS

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Raven Series- ANGRY BIRDS, Etching- diptych, hand pulled restricted edition on white paper, 7 inch x 10 inch 2012

The Trebuchet is gotten ready for fight.
Our enemies are the swine on the far side of the canyon.
Their vile jade flesh sparkles behind their frail bastion.
We brave, we honored few, make the ultimate sacrifice.
Winged Warriors wait, gathered and exhilarated.
Each will ride the grime airstream to magnificence.
Victory to the one who ends the beast’s unctuous laughter!

I typically discover inspiration from a conventional or historical account of the raven. First I pick my title. Having a title assists me with the image and state of mind of the piece. Humor is commonly crucial however I likewise select titles that force the viewer to believe more about the imagery.
Next I check out references to discover the right position or gesture for the raven or ravens. Then I spend hours doing initial sketches, followed by a series of illustrations using pencil, standard gouache (nontransparent watercolor), ink and charcoal. My next step involves using digital innovation. I scan the illustrations and revamp them with Photoshop. This digital device allows me to change the value of the drawing and I can even move and rearrange the image. I utilize filters if required. Next I print the drawing from my computer system and remain to draw with the traditional tools. I repeat this procedure several times so the conventional and brand-new innovations merge perfectly.
In 2009 I began working with photopolymer etching plates. In the past an etching included coating the plate with a petroleum bases sealer then emerging the plate into barrel of acid, cleaning with solvents, recoating, and more acid baths. The process was incredibly hazardous to the artist as well as the environment. In 2009 I began working with recently perfected and safe photopolymer etching plates. These are UV light delicate printing plates, which are exposed in sunshine and processed in tap water!! In the past I would has spent 20-40 hours producing the printing plate. Now I utilize that time to do my completed illustration. I utilize my computer system and printer to move my drawing onto a transparent sheet of plastic. This functions as my negative for the direct exposure to the sun! I make use of the photopolymer procedure to move the original drawing to a printing plate from which I can hand print an edition. Finally, I compose a narrative. This typically takes me the most time of all!

Copyright Larry Vienneau. All Artwork is home of the Larry Vienneau and might not be reproduced, duplicated, or marketed. The artist allows it’s for use on blogs or for academic purpose when image is not sold however is credited to Larry Vienneau. Original artwork will not be made use of for advertising/ for profit or non-profit uses without consent. Copyright is maintained by the artist following the sale of the product.

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