Raven artwork, Raven, crow, Etching, 5 x 7 inches in 2013 by RAVENSTAMPS

By Larry Vienneau Etching, 5 x 7 inches in 2013 In 2012 around the world bird populations now surpass humans: 250 billion to 7 billion!!
Raven attacks. Shocked Farmers in Wales and Scotland reported a sudden and disturbing increase in the variety of animals being attacked by birds. “And rather of hanging around for a few discarded bones or a forgotten carcass to choose and claw at, they’ve begun eliminating live stock – by pecking them to death, in horrific scenes similar to Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds, turned by Alfred Hitchcock into one of the most chilling motion pictures of perpetuity. It’s like something from a horror film. “Said farmer John Kirk, 50, from Nethybridge, near Aviemore, has actually lost more than 40 animals in the previous couple of weeks.
A lot of have actually reported a rise in the variety of calves, lambs and sheep pecked to death by large flocks of crows and ravens. The brand-new phenomenon is understood as “super flocking of birds” …
However, according to Dr Andre Farrar, representative for the Royal Society For The Defense Of Birds: & quot; & quot; Some reports of raven attacks may be exaggerated, but they do eliminate things. They make a specialty from scavenging and eating carrion However they get an unjustly bad press … raven has got a problem of cultural skepticism around it & quot.; Such as its association with death, and it’s supposed supernatural powers of forecast.

“The more effective the villain, the more effective the picture”
Alfred Hitchcock

HOW I CREATE MY PRINTS I often find motivation from a conventional or historic account of the raven. Very first I select my title. Having a title assists me with the image and state of mind of the piece. Humor is frequently essential however I likewise pick titles that force the audience to believe more about the imagery.
Next I browse referrals to find the right present or gesture for the raven or ravens. Then I invest hours doing initial sketches, followed by a series of illustrations using pencil, traditional gouache (opaque watercolor), ink and charcoal. My next action includes using digital innovation. I scan the drawings and revamp them with Photoshop. This digital tool permits me to change the value of the drawing and I can even move and rearrange the image. I utilize filters if needed. Next I print the illustration from my computer and continue to draw with the standard tools. I repeat this procedure several times so the traditional and new innovations merge seamlessly.
In 2009 I began dealing with photopolymer etching plates. In the past an etching included finish the plate with a petroleum bases sealant then emerging the plate into vat of acid, cleaning with solvents, recoating, and more acid baths. The process was very harmful to the artist in addition to the environment. In 2009 I started working with freshly refined and safe photopolymer etching plates. These are UV light delicate printing plates, which are exposed in sunshine and processed in faucet water!! In the past I would has invested 20-40 hours creating the printing plate. Now I utilize that time to do my completed drawing. I use my computer system and printer to transfer my drawing onto a transparent sheet of plastic. This works as my negative for the direct exposure to the sun! I utilize the photopolymer procedure to transfer the initial drawing to a printing plate from which I can hand print an edition. Finally, I write a story. This normally takes me the most time of all!

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