Raven artwork, Raven, crow, etching on paper, 5 inch x 7 inch 2012 by RAVENSTAMPS

& quot; 40,00 USD< p class="description" > & quot; St. Crispin’s Day, October 25th 1415 & quot;, etching, 5 inch x
7 inch 2012 Raven had been following a mob of Englishmen and horses. He had actually been delighting in the trash and waste for miles. As he flew he saw a large host of 30,000 iron dressed Frenchmen and horses waiting for the 9,000 tired, dirty English. Raven flew to a destroy of an ancient castle to enjoy the confrontation. But the two forces made camp and the next early morning both armies just lookinged at each other, reluctant to make the first relocation. The French mounted knights were aligned in a massive line that could quickly sweep the English aside. Raven’s stomach was empty and he was restless. He decided to move things along. He saw an armored French horse with a gaudy black feather plume; it was the best hiding location. An installed charge was supposed to be a purchased prodding advance that would bring death to English archers. He landed atop the horses head, hidden by the black plume. He leaned over and bit down on the unguarded ear of the horse so hard that the horse broke rank. Other knights saw this horse charging forward and all wished to be very first to the slaughter and all raced headlong toward the waiting the English. Soon the whole force began a mad dash though thick mud and hail of arrows.
By the end of the day 7,000 Frenchmen and 400 English lay lifeless in a sodden field of mud and blood
On this day, & quot;& quot;. St. Crispin’s Day & quot;& quot;. England’s King Henry V had his terrific triumph and Raven’s stomach was lastly full
(influenced by the work of Bernard Cornwell: https://www.bernardcornwell.net/)

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How I produce my raven prints
< br/ > I frequently find motivation from a standard or historic account of the raven. Very first I pick my title. Having a title helps me with the image and state of mind of the piece. Humor is frequently crucial but I likewise pick titles that force the audience to think more about the imagery.
Next I look through recommendations to discover the right pose or gesture for the raven or ravens. Then I invest hours doing initial sketches, followed by a series of illustrations utilizing pencil, standard gouache (nontransparent watercolor), ink and charcoal. My next step involves using digital innovation. I scan the drawings and rework them with Photoshop. This digital tool allows me to change the value of the illustration and I can even move and restructure the image. I utilize filters if needed. Next I print the illustration from my computer system and continue to draw with the traditional tools. I repeat this procedure numerous times so the standard and brand-new technologies combine perfectly.
In 2009 I began dealing with photopolymer etching plates. In the past an etching involved coating the plate with a petroleum bases sealant then emerging the plate into barrel of acid, cleaning up with solvents, recoating, and more acid baths. The process was extremely hazardous to the artist along with the environment. In 2009 I started working with freshly improved and safe photopolymer engraving plates. These are UV light delicate printing plates, which are exposed in sunshine and processed in faucet water!! In the past I would has spent 20-40 hours developing the printing plate. Now I utilize that time to do my finished illustration. I use my computer system and printer to move my drawing onto a transparent sheet of plastic. This acts as my negative for the exposure to the sun! I use the photopolymer process to transfer the original drawing to a printing plate from which I can hand print an edition. Finally, I compose a narrative. This typically takes me the most time of all!

Copyright Larry Vienneau. All Artwork is home of the Larry Vienneau and might not be replicated, duplicated, or resold. The artist permits it’s usage on blog sites or for instructional function when image is not offered however is credited to Larry Vienneau. Initial artwork shall not be used for promotional/ for earnings or non-profit uses without permission. Copyright is retained by the artist following the sale of the item.

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