Real German GLASS GLITTER Silver 1 Ounce 70 Grit by SugarCampCottage

< p class="rate"> 2,99 USD< p class="description"> This is the 70 grit and is a medium size. Glass with genuine silver on both sides of flake. This will tarnish in a couple of weeks to months on direct exposure to air. Extremely nice quality. Grit sizes range from 40 to 100 with 40 being the coarsest. 70 grit is about the size of black pepper flakes as a comparison. A clear ugly glue works terrific for many projects.This listing is for 1 ounce of 70 grit silver glass shine.

< br/ > This is glass, it’s not for use by kids. Likewise keep it with craft materials and not in the kitchen area as a lot of these colors look much like colored granulated sugar!

Comes packaged in a 3 by 3 inch resealable bag. 3rd photo reveals product packaging (cute!).

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