Rebel Yell Lincoln wool locks yarn 54 bulky yards by girlwithasword

42,00 USD

Supporting local farms is crucial to me. I ONLY source fibers from local fiber farms raising sustainable, happy, healthy fiber animals. Whenever possible I try to know the name of every fiber-producing animal who contributes to my yarns! It is a delight and a pleasure to deal with regional fiber producers raising fantastic animals.

This is a pure and simple creamy white Lincoln wool lockspun yarn from the Lein farm flock in Iowa. I cleaned, colored, and picked these locks myself, then spun them into this gorgeous yarn. Then I colored it into a number of tones of green. Single ply, 54 backyards, bulky weight. Perfect as is, to add structure and pop to any job! It also takes dye magnificently, works well for weaving or felting, and makes excellent doll hair or dreadlocks!

I have actually spun and knit with great deals of this Lincoln locks yarn, so if you want pattern ideas or tips, simply convo me!

7 oz

Frequently these yarns are entirely one of a kind, however periodically I may have doubles, or may be able to custom-spin larger amounts if you require. Kindly convo me if you have any questions or requests.

These yarns are spun in my home; I do my absolute best to keep my felines and fosterdog out of the fiber, however please do know that these yarns are created in an pet-friendly house. After they are spun, tagged, photographed and noted on etsy, they & quot; & quot; live & quot; in my natural herb shop till they are sold, so they DO smell nicely of herbs – the majority of people discover this pleasant but if you believe this might be objectionable, you have been warned:-RRB-.

$ 6 ships one skein of yarn or 100 (in the US)., $ 9 worldwide. I ship locally using USPS concern mail, and 1st course USPS mail for all international orders. Ds

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