Recipe Book – Utensils cover (4 in x 6 in) – Size No.1, blank journal by BethBee

16,95 USD This is a 6.25 in x 4.5 in little blank book/ journal/ binder with recipe category dividers and fill paper. Why use a recipe box when you could utilize this little recipe book that will fit nicely on your shelf? Fill it up with your favorite recipes making your own individual favorite cookbook for your cooking area. The book is great as a housewarming, wedding event, or graduation gift

& gt; Includes: & quot; & gt; 100 4 & quot; x 6 & quot; sheets of blank( as in, not printed, unlined) 24 # (60 # book) partly recycled paper,
& gt; < br/ > & gt; 8 classification dividers with block print art and die-cut tabs,
& gt; & gt; Silkscreened davey board covers
& gt.; & gt.; loose-leaf

rings The davey board cover color may vary somewhat and will have little, variable flecks and areas as normal variation because it is a recycled product – the existing batch is comparable to a paper grocery bag color.

The sections consisted of are
OTHER < br/ > In the front of the book are a couple of printed pages consisting of & gt;: & gt; measurement conversions (including metric)
& gt; & gt; & gt; ideas and concepts< br/ > & gt; a lined page for usage behind a blank page as
a guide,
if wanted The book is bound with three 1 & quot.; loose-leaf rings that can be opened to set up and arrange dish pages as needed.
Cover art is screen printed by hand.

This book works with standard 4 x 6 inch recipe cards! I do not presently make detailed cards myself, however there are some very charming cards out there that would compliment the book nicely.

< br/ > You might see that this book is vegetarian and vegan friendly! The recipe sections are neutral unlike numerous dish organizers that include a section requiring & quot; & quot;

meats & quot.; < br/ > A full browse of all printed pages of this book is available at my site This listing is for

the book just( measuring spoons revealed for scale)./ > Remember to examine my main
shop page for general statements! Можно purchase on Etsy for BethBee