Red Dotted Swiss Bits – Vintage by tinymuses

3,75 USD

A bag of vintage red Swiss dot from an estate sale seems exactly what was left after the seamstress made a sundress with a really full gored skirt. I can only picture how fantastic that outfit should have been.

I laundered and ironed the material prior to cutting it up into rectangles.

This little package includes 5 pieces that are at least 4 “x 6” (lots of are somewhat bigger) of the white cotton with its tiny red gathered dots. It’s not the large variety, but it is extremely sweet. Perfect for making Valentines, ATCs, quilting, multimedias, collage, etc.

. I have actually bundled it up with 12 & quot; & quot; of a vintage gathered sweet stripe bow about 3/8 & quot; & quot; wide and tucked in a classic millinery stem of lily-of-the-valley, which in the Victorian language of flowers communicated “trustworthy.”

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