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2,75 USD

FLAT RATE SHIPPING for any size order **

You will get fifty (50) 6mm round red glass pearl beads temporarily strung in a hair about 11 1/2 & quot; long.

Measurements are approximate:
Height 6mm ***, Width 6mm ***
Color: Red
Product: Glass with a pearl coating
Style: Smooth round
Hole Size: 1mm

*** These beads are 6mm round on average. There may be small variations in the consistency of size, for instance: real diameter measurement may be 5.75 mm or 6.2 instead of a specific 6mm. This is normal and can be found in almost every type inexpensive glass bead-and even some more costly gemstone beads also!

These just spectacular 6mm round red glass pearl beads are appealing and economical-and how terrific would they look as part of your Christmas period tasks?

They are smooth, round, and are a beautiful pearly red color, you know, like holly berries.
These beads are pearl-coated glass and the used color might or may not be long-term and will certainly put on gradually or with extended exposure to extreme heat or UV light.

UNITED STATES – Very first Class (with monitoring number) $ 3.15
CANADA – First Class International (with monitoring number) $ 7.95
ALL OVER ELSE – Very first Class International (with monitoring number) $ 10.35

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