Red, White, & Blue Sangria For The 4th Of July

Red, White, & Blue Sangria For The 4th Of July

The grill is fired up, good times are rolling, and an ice cold drink is in hand.

That’s what I picture on the 4th of July, and this year, that drink in hand is going to be this red, white, and blue sangria.

Sangria is always a pretty drink no matter what you put in it. The fruits float around with the ice, and as they layer on top of each other, it creates a gradient of goodness. The color theme is obvious here, and the right berries and a bit of melon will do just the trick. I can’t wait to make a pitcher of this and enjoy it on a rooftop in Philly this Friday for the 4th!

Red, White & Blue Sangria

Dry White Wine

Orange Liqueur







Pomegranate Juice (optional)

Large Pitcher


Fill up a large pitcher half way with ice.

Next, toss in your fruit. The thing I love about sangria is that you really can’t go wrong with how much fruit you put in. If you want a sweeter drink, add in a bit more. This time, I used 2 cups of blueberries, 8 strawberries, and 1 cup of watermelon.

A dry, white wine is best to use in this recipe. I chose to use a chardonnay, but a pinot grigio or a riesling are good options too!

Pour the wine in over the fruit and ice.

Once I filled up the pitcher a third of the way with wine, I added in 1 cup of orange liqueur and filled the rest up with gingerale. Add in a little lime juice, then stir it all up!

Serve over ice in a mason jar and garnish with some mint or a pretty berry skewer. If you want to make it extra sweet, a little dash of pomegranate juice doesn’t hurt!

Cheers to the 4th of July!

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