Red With Small White Polka Dots Jersey Knit Knotted Bow Pin Up Headband / Headwrap Baby Toddler Child Adult by sandchica

7,00 USD Look very stylish in this amazing adjustable red with little white polka dots jersey knot headband.

This listing is for one headband. You can choose your sizes between Infant, Toddler, Kid, and Adult.

For a really terrific fit, measure your head in the area you use your headbands usually and utilize the stretch length above to determine which size you want
Typical Sizes For Our Headbands:
Infant (13 & quot;&
quot;-RRB- Stretch (15 & quot;&
quot;-RRB- Toddler (15 & quot;&
quot;-RRB- Stretch (20 & quot;&
quot;-RRB-< br/ > Child (17 & quot;.) Stretch (22 & quot;-RRB-
Adult (19 & quot;-RRB- Stretch (24 & quot;-RRB- Exact print may vary due to the cut of the fabric IMPORTANT:. This jersey material is not so elastic so please carefully measure and message us with the results in

inches for a great custom-made fit. We bring you headbands in a variety of colors and sizes. Since every mommy, daughter, grand child, grandma, lady, little girl and infant girl must have adorable hair accessories. These head hair bands are made from a really elastic and & quot; & quot; oh so soft & quot; material so they are as comfortable to you as they are to your little baby. For the love of indulging discard your hard plastic headbands and pony tails that pull your hair and enable yourself to feel exactly what spoiled is truly like. Vibrant soft headbands likewise make excellent gifts. Pick one for you and another for somebody else. Create charming Mother and Daughter attire for trips and photo shoots. Provide one to grandma, she’ll love it!

Colors: red, white< br/ > Sizes: Adult, Child, Young child, Infant
Material: Jersey Knit Find other styles in my store by clicking the link below. You are 100%ensured to absolutely love it. If you

hate it, you can exchange it. Simply return it in unused condition and tell us which one you would choose. If the size is incorrect, we will gladly make you a various one or reimburse your money if we can not. All due to the fact that you are worthy of to be spoiled for everything you do for others.< br/ > Your headbands are custom made according to your color selections.

Cautious planning entered into selecting a scheme of designer colors that are readily offered. To maintain these colors, it is required for us to use numerous providers which means the fabrics will differ from light to medium weight jersey knit or woven. Material contents may consist of spandex, cotton, lycra, nylon, polyester, rayon in addition to blends of any of these fibers Caution:. We want your child to be safe at all times. Some products are shipped in plastic bags

. Do not ever let your child have fun with them as they may position a choking or strangle threat. Never ever leave your kid unattended wearing headbands or bows in addition to they might be just as dangerous if not looked after effectively< br/ > ESSENTIAL SHIPPING INFORMATION:. We deliver to the address you offer to Etsy,

please double check your address on file before putting your order. USPS has informed us that if you provide us with a shipping address that can not be confirmed, it may cause shipping hold-ups. All purchases are presently shipped through USPS. We might hold your order to comfirm your address, please examine your Etsy messages for a note from us to confirm your address if this is the case. We do not re-ship items that were provided to the incorrect address and not returned to us. Generally your headbands and clips will be shipped within1 to 3 company days of your order. Nevertheless, a few of your headbands will be made to purchase so please make sure to look for the processing/ shipping time for your particular product. Sometimes, shipping can not be attained on time due to things such as prolonged vacations or bad weather. In those cases, your products will be shipped on the first date possible.< A rel="nofollow"href= " "> Можно buy on Etsy for sandchica