Red, Yellow, Orange MULTI GEMSTONE bracelet with Citrine, Carnelian, Orange Garnet, Ruby, Red Garnet, Yellow Tourmaline, angryhairjewelry by AngryHairJewelry

67,00 USD

Multi Gems bracelet in red, orange and yellow

The vibrant gemstones on this bracelet are best for these warm summertime. The collection of gemstones consists of a variety of stones in various cuts. Consisted of are Citrine, Carnelian, unusual orange Garnet, Ruby, unusual yellow Tourmaline and red Garnet.

The bracelet is about 7 1/4 inches long but is somewhat adjustable to about 8 inches because of the extender chain. The gemstones vary in size from about 2x3mm for the small red Garnet rondelle snuggled beside the Citrine to 7x9mm for the smooth yellow Tourmaline.

All metal made use of to make this bracelet is sterling silver.

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