Regular White Icing (Add Butter to Make Buttercream Icing)

Regular White Icing (Add Butter to Make Buttercream Icing)

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Serves: 12,Yield: 1cake or twelve cupcakes
  • About This Recipe

    “I love this icing with the White Cake recipe that I posted. This is not a thick icing like those you buy. This also came from my sister-in-law. We use this for lots of different baked goods that require icing.”


  • 2cupspowdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoonvanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoonmilk, add more to desired consistancy
  • 1dashsalt( may substitute or omit)
  • 1/4 cupbutter( for the Buttercream Icing you would add the butter to the recipe)
  • Directions

  • Mix powdered sugar and vanilla.
  • Add milk teaspoon by teaspoon until desired consistency.
  • Dash salt.
  • Note: Do NOT pour in the milk.
  • Trust me.
  • Do this as instructed, or you will have to keep adding sugar until you get a good consistency, and then you will end up with enough icing to cover surplus amout of cakes!
  • (If you are icing everything in your home, then go right ahead).
  • Reviews

  • “I liked this icing b/c it didn’t call for shortening.It was a good buttercream icing.I doubled the batch to icing 2 layer cake and it just made it!”

  • “I think you are so funny!Thanks for the laugh.I chose to go the route of icing everything in my home!LOL!J/K!!!Still giggling over here!”

  • “Great icing!The recipe didn’t specify when to add the butter, so I creamed it and then added the powdered sugar.I measured the milk into a liquid measuring cup and then just poured a bit in at a time rather than struggling with measuring in teaspoon increments.Can you believe it took nearly 28 years of married life cooking to figure that one out?It worked like a charm.I just poured the unused milk back into the carton.Also, I added the vanilla at the end.Anyway, Kelly, thanks for a very good recipe!I look forward to trying your white cake soon!”

  • “I have been trying to find a white or buttercream icing that is not super sweet.This is what I have been looking for!AMAZING!”

  • “I was looking for a recipe that makes a smaller amount of icing because I was making a Recipe #40237, which is baked in an 8×8 pan.This icing has a great consistency and wonderful flavor.Be sure to mix the powdered sugar and butter together with an electric mixer before adding the milk and vanilla.You will have a smooth and creamy consistency that way.Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your recipe.”

  • “I absolutely LOVE this icing WITH the butter AND the directions……. LOL
    It is so simple and so good…… the part about adding milk in TINY proportions is dead on advice.
    I LOVE vanilla so I used 2 teaspoons and next time may use even a bit more.
    The ingredients called for will ice an angel food cake very nicely.”

  • “this is my go-to white icing recipe! i have used it several times. I love the sassy directions 🙂 lol”

  • “Made this recipe for chocolate cupcakes and sprinkled them with coconut, so good! I halved the recipe, however, and still had some leftover (didn’t want to make them too sweet).”

  • “omg it is soo good it was our first time and it was dilish!!!!!!! :)its like of the scale haha and the cupcakes were soo yummy!”

  • “Very easy and smooth icing, I added green food coloring for St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes, nice sweet taste.”

  • “perfect.tasty, sweet, excellent texture and good tips. thanks!”

  • “excellent!”

  • “Great icing for cut-out sugar cookies!We made pumpkin shaped cookies tonight topped with chocolate chips and candy corns.My usual icing recipe has shortening in it and I couldn’t find any in the house!So your recipe came in very handy.I made it orange.It was perfect for the cookies.We all had a blast!”

  • “Very nice. I did the butter version and mixed until it was balled then added milk, an extra teaspoon of vanilla and 1 tsp of corn syrup. When it dried it had a soft crust to it that went perfectly with the cake.I used on Quick Yellow Cake. Recipe #38966”

  • “I have used this a few times and have forgot to rate it.. but this really easy.I have added all different flavors and have heated this up so when it cooled it had a “hard candy” type crunch to it.. thanks for the great recipe!”

  • “Excellent!Made the Buttercream version and added just a touch of almond flavoring.”

  • “Worked very well! I made both the butter cream and the regular white varieties, and they both turned out as hoped! Needed only a few teaspoons of the milk for the buttercream, adding it a little at a time was a great tip!”

  • “Great recipe and tasted delicious! Thankssss”

  • “This was excellent!I made cupcakes using 1 box of cake mix and 1 can of pumpkin, and I wanted to jazz them up a little.To make it a little more chocolate-y I substituted out the last 1/2 c of powdered sugar for hot cocoa mix (it was all I had).Turned out fabulous!”