The little things…

This post comes to us from Anna Flynn.

Be curious. Ask questions. Listen. Remember birthdays. Remember place names. Remember dog breeds. Remember what you read, what movies you’ve seen.

Memorize your license plate number, social security number, phone number, passport number, checking account number. Memorize poetry.

Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be spontaneous.

Be smart. Be funny.

Remember the names of mountains, how cold the river was.

Remember gas prices. Remember the color of the towels in the bathroom.

Be friendly. Be excited. Remember to smile.

Remember you never have to smile.

Be quiet. Be calm. Remember what you ate, the name of the thing you ate.

Be confident.

Be honest.

Remember phone numbers. Write things down. Remember to take the picture.

Be sure.

Remember where you are from.

Be sweet. Not too sweet. Remember to call. Remember the cat climbing up your sweater. Remember your first subway ride.

Remember the last swim in the lake.

Be reasonable. Remember the last time I saw you.

Remember the smell of lilacs.

Be reasonable.

Remember your name. Be strong. Be brave.

Remember to keep going.

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