Remembering What Is Truly Important

In the midst of life’s obstacles and obligations, remember to devote a moment to do something that truly makes you happy. 

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie!

Since publishing the How to Create Faux Calligraphy post earlier this month, I’ve made a habit of checking back every day to read through all the inspiring quotes that are being left in the comments by readers. Each profound collection of words is incredibly different from the next, yet they all have a way of making me stop and ponder how this advice or mantra can apply to my own life. Whether it’s encouragement to go out and explore the world, or a reminder to revisit something I have been neglecting, words have a wondrous way of instantly bringing me back to what’s truly important.

This daily ritual of reading what others wrote quickly got me thinking about my own favorite quote. While I have a large collection that I’ve scribbled down in various notebooks and journals over the years, I always seem to come back to one in particular:

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

Seems simple enough, but I honestly believe that this piece of advice gets forgotten the most. Life’s obligations and expectations too often get in the way of finding an untouched moment to devote to something that truly makes you happy. Whether it’s creating art, being with your loved ones, or taking time alone to be out in the silence of nature, these moments of natural bliss are as important as the time you take to chase ambitions or take care of others.

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This quote especially applies to me in this stage of my life. I am about to head off to my first year of college, and before I know it will be amidst a busy career. With so many end goals in mind, I have a tendency to forget to give myself a break along the way and do something simply because I love it. For me that means taking a hike in the mountains with my family, or sitting down to paint and create art for no other intention except to express myself. Learning to find harmony between these joys and commitments early on will help me to lead a full yet balanced life – which is what it’s all about right?

+ What do you do purely because it brings you happiness? Let me know in the comments below!

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