Reminder: Exhale

Reminder: Exhale

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Oftentimes, when the temperature drops, we have a tendency to hold.

We take a breath in, step out into the chilled air, and suddenly find every muscle in our body tightening in an attempt to shield us from the harshness that surrounds. We hold our breath in and simultaneously wish away what’s happening right here, right now. We don’t want the cold, no. We don’t even want to be here. Take us there, away from here. We want comfort… right now.

But just as what goes up must come down, what goes in is meant to come out. So let yourself breathe. Big, full breaths. Take it all in, and let every bit back out, because inside your body is not where that breath is meant to stay. It’s meant to flow freely, and so are you. Deeply in, and deeply out.

The cold may not be the most comfortable, no, but sometimes it’s about finding comfort in places of discomfort. Of letting it go, releasing what’s being held, and surrendering to what just is. Let it go, my friend. Let yourself exhale. You might just find that comfort has been here all along.





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