Reserved for Carol Chambers ************************* 2- Peruvian Pink Opal Palms by earthlightgems

60,00 USD

This is for 2-freeform partially polished piece of Raw Pink Opal. Some have pockets of bytroidial pockets. Two have actually polished sides, 2 have one semi polished side. You get one of the ones revealed and it is from Peru. You can suffice, cab it, utilize it in your art and much more. Photographed in front of an inch ruler.

Opal- is a hydrated silica which forms in microspheroids. Light bouncing off the spheroids causes opal’s spectrum of color flash. when water dehydrates from opal, it can produce forms of chalcedony, such as agate, jasper, onyx, chrysoprase, blood-stone or flint. Opal is placed in the Etheric Conditioners classification of the Spiritual Apothecary, due to the fact that it harmonizes the emotional, mental, psychic, and supraconscious levels of awareness. In its red/ orange (fire), black, jelly blue and white/ yellow forms, its impact is accented for different body locations, acting as a restorative and regenerator. Opal is understood to highlight widespread tendencies of a person, positive or unfavorable. It is an effective help to clairvoyants. Common opal works to make use of in soul retrieval and entity removal work where the opal ritually gets the unfavorable energy and is either burned, buried or squashed later on. Opal is listed as an Etheric Opener in the Spiritual Apothecary. Virgin Valley opal is the state gem of Nevada. Opal is the October birthstone. (Fourth plus)

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