RESERVED FOR KAREN Miniature Kitchen Island With Plate Rack Filled With Blue And White Plates, Pretty Floral Arrangement, Lemonade, And More by LittleThingsByAnna

175,00 USD

~ This is a stunning 1:12 scale kitchen island set, ideal for your mini cottage! The island is repainted white with blue and flower accents and it has actually an integrateded plate rack. There are 6 very blue and white plates, 5 are in the plate rack and 1 on the top with a cake knife. There is a white ceramic vase that’s fulled of hydrangeas, roses, and berries that match all the colors in this set. There is a blue and white bowl with green apples and a green Chrysnbon candy dish. There is a pitcher of lemonade with floating lemons, a glass of lemonade, a floral towel, a lemon, pink and white straws, and a blue and white tea towel. There is a frosted plate with a fluted edge that’s fulled of expensive cakes with cherry blossoms on top, a light green macaron, and a cupcake with roses. On the side of the island, there’s a stack of baskets – the leading one has 3 tea towels, the middle one has flower paper napkins, and the bottom one has a green measuring cup, a box of cake mix, and a box of baking soda. The pictures reveal everything that’s consisted of in this pretty little one of a kind kitchen piece.

~ Not planned for kids.

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