Reserved for Mary – In the Chesapeake, III by Loupiac

64,00 USD

So my other half and I have actually spent the last couple of weeks cruising from Cape Cod to Virginia Beach, following a French tall ship my sibling was on. We took most of the Intracoastal Waterway where it was offered, and made our own method through marshes and canals in Maryland and Virginia were it was not. Oyster beds, herons and egrets, ducks of course, several thunderstorms, and all over those intense or dull tones of green and sand from turf, mud and beaches. I hope I translated some of the charm that we saw during this trip.

Measurements: 14ish mm with 3/32 & quot; & quot; holes. Total length of the set is a little over 3.5 & quot;& quot;.

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